• Mid-Career Workshop: Empowering Women in the Learning Sciences

  •  Date

    Tuesday morning, 18th June, 2019
  •  Organizers

    Stephanie D. Teasley (Chair), University of Michigan,USA; steasley@umich.edu
    Carol Chan, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; ckkchan@hkucc.hku.hk
    Susan R. Goldman, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA; susan.goldman@gmail.com
    Kimberley Gomez, University of California, Los Angeles, USA; kimgomez@ucla.edu
    Janet L. Kolodner, Boston College, USA; kolodnej@bc.edu
    Marcia C. Linn, University of California, Berkeley, USA; mclinn@berkeley.edu
    Nichole Pinkard, Northwestern University, USA; nicholepinkard@gmail.com
    Nikol Rummel, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany; nikol.rummel@rub.de
  •  Workshop description:

    This half-day workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to discuss issues of concern to Mid-Career Scholars as related to challenges and barriers experienced post-tenure and especially by women scholars. Beginning with this workshop, our ambition is to also create an international mentoring network. We see the workshop as a first step in this process as it allows us to explore mentoring needs of individuals seeking mentors through the Letters of Intent (LOI) submitted by participants. This workshop will enable more focused one-on-one ongoing mentoring beyond the conference. We hope to build upon the mentoring and support that the ISLS is already known for, and ensure that such activity continues with new generations of scientists.
  •  Workshop Activities:

    The workshop will be interactive with small group, one-on-one and innovative activities where participants learn from mentors and each other, and explore the issues and concerns expressed in their letters of intent. Topics might range across professional and personal settings, and from publishing to balancing home and work demands.  The following is an illustrative sampling of topics that may emerge in the letters of intent:
    • navigating post tenure responsibilities and opportunities
    • identifying and evaluating leadership opportunities
    • surviving leadership roles
    • balancing work and life
    • learning to delegate
    • engaging in effective self-promotion
    • making oneself heard
    • managing interpersonal relationships in academia (“Me too” in the academy)
    • supporting colleagues and students
    • surviving the publication process
    • managing preconceived beliefs about who “belongs” in the CSCL community
  •  Who can apply?

    Participation in the MCW is open to anyone who has achieved tenure or a related professional milestone (e.g., learning scientists with positions in industry, non-profits, museums, and other learning-oriented organizations).
  •  How to apply & register:
    1. Register for CSCL 2019 (all workshop participants must register for the full conference).
    2. Send a statement indicating your intent to attend (LOI), and describing the types of issues and concerns you would like to have discussed. Please send your LOI directly to mcw@cscl2019.com.  Deadline for receipt of the LOI is May 8, 2019 or when we reach capacity, whichever comes first.  Space is limited.  
    3. You will be informed of your confirmed participation shortly after this deadline if you have both submitted a statement and registered for the conference. 
    4. When your participation is confirmed, you can then register for the Mid-Career Workshop on the conference website.
  •  Contact

    If you have any question about attending this workshop, please contact the Chair at the email address shown above.
  • ICAR Laboratory
    (Interactions, Corpus, Learning, Representations)
    Ecole Normale Supérieure
    15, parvis René Descartes
    69007 Lyon, France
    Dr. Kristine Lund, Conference Chair
    Dr. Gerald Niccolai, Conference Co-chair
    SCIENTIFIC Organization

    LIRIS Laboratory
    (Computer Science Laboratory of Imagery and Information Systems)

    iaelyon School of Management
    Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 
    1C avenue des Frères Lumière
    CS 78242 - 69372 Lyon Cedex 08 
    Dr. Elise Lavoué, Conference Co-chair

    39 chemin du vieux chêne 
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